Best Twitter Accounts for Medical Coders to Follow

Social media has become the best way to stay up to date with news, culture, and entertainment. Twitter has become a great platform to follow and connect with others professionally as well as socially. But it’s also a vast world that can be as distracting and underwhelming as it can be helpful. This list below is filled with accounts from both organizations and individuals in the healthcare and medical coding worlds to get you started and keep you posted on the latest happenings.

  • @ADVANCEforHIM. The Advance Healthcare Network is the nation’s leading career resource for medical coders, transcriptionists, cancer registrars and other health information management professionals. It’s a quick and easy way to browse multiple job openings.
  • @Allen_School. This school, based in New York, Arizona, and online, has been training students in the medical field since 1961. They have a great blog in addition to their twitter account.
  • @ACOMC. The American College of Medical Coding is one of the best resources out there for students in the field. They tweet about general medical news as well as specific events related to coding.
  • @Codapedia. As per their twitter bio, “The mission of Codapedia is to build a community of volunteers to create the world’s most comprehensive health care resource for coding and reimbursement.” Tweets generally repost recent articles from their website.
  • @MelissaAnnClark. The founder and CEO of the Outsource Management Group, and a medical coding expert. She’s up to date on the latest news regarding the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
  • @AmerMedicalAssn. The American Medical Association is a must-follow no matter what concentration you are in the healthcare field.
  • @aapcstaff. The American Academy of Professional Coders tweets articles related to great career advice as well as ways you can become a better coder.
  • @AHIMAResources. The American Health Information Management Association tweets health and hospital news updates, particularly about what is happening legislatively.
  • @Brad_Justus. Definitely one of the more prolific tweeters on this list, Brad describes himself as a health information management expert, “ICD-10 Whisperer,” and the 2014 HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Social Media Ambassador. That’s a fella in the know.
  • @ShimCode. ShimCode, aka, Steve Sisko, is a blogger with a background and expertise in healthcare IT, enrollment, medicare, risk adjustment, reporting, research, product management, analysis, and design.
  • @ICD10Monitor. This account hosts a twitter chat every Tuesday morning as a way to help healthcare providers make smart decisions as they transition into ICD-10.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Now that you have an idea of who to follow, using hashtags in your tweets is a great way to expand your network. Here a few of the more useful ones in healthcare in general and coding in particular:

While these accounts and hashtags are here to give you a start, you’ll see more and more the people and ideas that interest you. Start building connections now, and see a world of opportunity open up before your eyes. Happy tweeting!

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